Reasons to Choose a Wooden Spiral Staircase

A wooden spiral staircase has special appeal over steel spirals or other spirals of metal and plastic parts.

Spiral stairs can be a great addition to any house with a mezzanine, loft or open second floor.  Moreover, they can provide a way up to the second floor where there is just no room to fit a traditional straight stairway.

However, choosing the right type of spiral stair might be difficult.  Should it be wood or steel?   There are advantages to either type, but except for certain instances, wooden spiral staircases are often the best choice.

wooden spiral staircase, Charleston style
Wood spiral stairs will highlight any room in your house

First of all, if price is an object, you can find wood spiral stairs that are competitive with a good quality metal stair.  However, some steel spirals and ones with plastic parts may cost less.

While all commercially available spiral stairs should meet basic building code requirements, some lower-priced metal staircases contain
the thinnest metal possible, and some have fairly flexible handrails.  These do not feel reliable as you climb them.

A properly designed and manufactured wooden spiral staircase should be steady and firm for the life of your home.

The eye catching look of a wooden spiral staircase

Second, if you want an eye-catching look, wood is the way to go.  A spiral stair out in the center of a great room filled with natural light, or in a study, or even tucked away in a corner, is as much a visual element as it is a utilitarian one.

Unless you are working with specific decors — such as ultra modern, minimalist or aesthetic — a wooden spiral staircase has greater visual appeal than steel.  Simply put, natural wood exudes a beauty that’s hard to outclass.  Wood’s natural grain provides a range of patterns and hues.  It is at once traditional and timeless, simple and elegant, and adds warmth to any room in your home.

wooden spiral staircase, Orleans style
Traditional wood craftsmanship and old world wrought iron in an airy, well-lit room

Third, a wooden spiral staircase can combine the best visual effects of two worlds.  Traditional solid wood craftsmanship goes well with the time-honored look of wrought iron balusters.

And finally, let the history of some spiral stairs sales speak for its self.  The fact is that it is not uncommon for a wood spiral staircase to replace an old metal unit that has become an eyesore.

These are just a few reasons to consider wood spiral stairs — what else is it about wood that speaks to you?