Advantages of a Spiral Staircase Kit

If you want a spiral staircase in your house, then you’ve probably considered a spiral staircase kit. Because, with a kit you avoid wrestling an already assembled stair into place.  You might take a bit more time assembling a kit, but this is a much easier process.  Also, you don’t need to be a carpenter.
 Spiral staircase kit, Orleans style makes a beautiful statement in a sunny home
So, is a spiral stair kit your best option?

A spiral staircase kit has several advantages

We believe spiral stair kits have a number of advantages over pre-fabricated stairs.  For instance, here are some of the biggest ones.

First, You know it will fit. One of the most nerve-racking things about installing a new staircase in your home is having to worry about whether everything will “line up” just right.  Because spiral stair designers plan kits to your specifications, this concern goes away.

For instance, designers will start with the floor height that is unique to your own home.  You and they will determine the best diameter you need.  This will be based on how often you plan to use the stair, code requirements, and your choice of size for appearance sake.

As a result the designer produces a spiral stair layout that is custom to your home.  And everything will fit perfectly.

Individual parts of a spiral stair kit are easier to work with than an assembled stair

Second, they’re easier to move and work with. Spiral staircase kits are delivered as individual parts. Consequently you can work on the smaller pieces with ease, as compared to dealing with the unwieldy mass of an entirely assembled stair.

Third, installation is made easy
.  Spiral kits are designed to be assembled by almost anyone, and with just a few basic tools.  Moreover, most kit parts are cut, sanded and pre-drilled to before they are shipped.  Instructions show how the pieces should go together.  You will require little wood working experience to do a nice job.

Fourth, they’re affordable
. The biggest draw of a spiral staircase kit is that you get the elegant look and convenience of a spiral staircase at a great price. It makes this striking architectural element a great value for you..

What kind of spiral staircase are you interested in?