Spiral stair types, which is right for you

There are a variety of spiral stair types available, manufactured of steel, wood, steel and wood and steel and plastic.  Which is right for you?  Here we consider spiral stair kits* in the price ranges of, say, between $2,000 and $3,500.  These spiral stairs will meet national building codes.

*You put together spiral stair kits on site. Pre-built staircases require prohibitive shipping costs.  Also they can be difficult to get inside the building.

painted wood spiral stair types
Lower priced spiral stairs
are often mass produced, adjustable kits made of steel, or steel and plastic. You can order these spiral stairs with a single phone call.  This is perfect for busy customers who do not want to be involved in design. The stairs are adjustable.  You assemble them with the spiral handrail on the left or right.  And, these kits will work with a range of floor heights.

Manufacturers design higher priced spiral stairs to fit each customer’s home.  By working with the manufacturer, customers can influence a design that will suit them best.

Customers can order three different compositions of these spiral stairs:  1. spirals made of all steel or other quality metal;  2.  spirals with steel treads and wood tread covers;  and 3. spirals made of all wood.

Details of spiral stair types

You can install metal spiral stairs either indoors or outdoors. Higher quality steel spiral stairs look good indoors, especially with modern décor. Metal stairs with wood tread covers look even better because of the natural wood grain. Wood tread covers, like carpeting, deaden the clanging sounds and cold feel of walking on bare steel.

All-wood spirals always look good because the wood grain is all you see.  Like fine pieces of wood furniture, wood spiral stairs have a natural, warm appeal and will fit in with all sorts of interior decor.  Another advantage is that wood is timeless. It retains its beauty as it ages.
Orleans spiral stair types

Wood spirals bring you a choice of many styles and structural designs.  For instance, posts and balusters may be simple and square, or turned and ornate. Some wood spirals offer decorative iron balusters for a special old-world and classy appearance.

Wood is more eco-friendly than metal. This is because most sources of commercially available wood come from responsibly managed forests.  Also, wood takes less energy to produce.

Historically, wood spiral stair prices have been higher than steel kits.  But some wood spiral companies today offer prices that are competitive with better quality steel spirals.