What’s in a Kit?

Precision Pine designs all its spiral stair kits as custom plans to suit the unique requirements of each customer’s home, and when needed assures that each spiral staircase meets local or national building codes.  Assembly of our spiral stairs is fairly straight forward as can be seen in our spiral stair installation summary.

So, exactly what is in a kit

Spiral stair kits from Precision Pine provide all the parts you need to build your stair.

These parts are a factory-built bottom tread and base, intermediate treads, center column, a top landing, a solid wood spiral rail, posts and balusters (enough balusters so that there will be less than a 4″ gap between them as required by codes). Horizontal rail materials are supplied for the open sides of the top landing.

parts in spiral stair kits

Precision Pine spiral stair kits are manufactured in seven nominal diameters: 4′-0″; 4′-6″; 5′-1″; 5′-7″; 6′-0″; 6′-6″; and 7′-0″.  The diameter to the outside of the spiral handrail may be a few inches less than the nominal diameter. This is to provide code-required finger room outside the spiral rail.  The exact handrail diameter is an important consideration when we design a spiral stair layout for a particularly tight stairwell.

The 4′-0″ and 4′-6″ spirals are too small to meet building codes.  These two smaller diameters come with a square center column, although a round column can be ordered as an option.  All the other larger diameter spiral stairs have round center columns.

Precision Pine offers custom spiral stair kits with diameters between the standard sizes and stairs with larger diameters.

Spiral stair kits are manufactured from selected pieces of Southern Yellow Pine, Red Oak or other hardwood species. Parts are sanded to 80-grit smoothness and where possible pre-drilled for fasteners. Fasteners are hidden with wood buttons and plugs. Final staining and varnishing is done by the customer.

“You did a great job fabricating the stair case you sent me.  Every piece was there, cut to the right length and packaged to avoid damages…I wanted to thank you for doing an excellent job.  You live up to your name ‘PRECISION’ Pine.” —J.A., Morrison, Colorado