Introduction to spiral stairs design

Non-promotional articles about spiral stair design

An effective spiral stair design will fit the floor space available, take into account the stair height, and provide easy access to the top and bottom floors.  In this series of non-promotional blogs, we attempt to explain in simple terms the spiral stair planning process.

These articles are meant for homeowners and other non-builders, as well as architects and builders who have limited experience with spiral stairs.  These posts will explain how spiral stair design and codes are different than those for traditional straight stairs.

You don’t have to understand all the detail of spiral stair design

We have made an effort to be as detailed as possible.  But we think that those who don’t want to explore such minutiae should not have to.  You can simply read the text, and not grapple with the finer technical details.  You should still gain a summary understanding of the subject.

Figure 1 shows a typical effective spiral stair design, looking down from above the top floor.  Figure 2, further down, shows the actual spiral stair that was built to this design.

Reasons to understand spiral stair design

Why would it be helpful to understand spiral stair design?

First, you might want to design a spiral stair layout to see if it will suit your floor plans.  If another designer suggests changes, you can determine if these new ideas have merit.  The point is you wouldn’t be feeling your way in the dark.  You’d have a good idea that your spiral stair installation will be a success.

Second, perhaps you are planning to build your own spiral stair.  In this case you want to be sure that the effort you put into this project will pay off.  You don’t want to find out things won’t fit just as you are about to finish.

Third, if you are a builder, you want to know that your client has workable plans.  You need to know what makes a good design to assure a successful outcome for your customer and yourself.

spiral stair design built to plan

Among the articles on this blog page are three that summarize spiral stair design, titled Spiral Stair Design Parts 1, 2, and 3.  Additional articles focus on the finer points involved, so you can explore this subject as deeply as you care to go.

To begin, go to Spiral Stair Design, Part 1.