Installation of Precision Pine Spiral Stairs

Installing spiral stairs from Precision Pine can be done by two people who have a general knowledge of standard carpentry techniques and tools.

Click here for a graphic summary of the entire installation process.

As a guide we suggest it will take two days to install most Precision Pine spiral stair kits, though the actual time may vary depending on factors such as the size and height of the stair, proximity to nearby walls or other fixtures, and the working speed of the installers.   Custom installation instructions are shipped with each spiral stair kit.  Technical assistance from the factory is readily available.

Installing spiral stairs from Precision Pine begins with the assembly of the intermediate treads and their associated parts.  These have been pre-drilled at the factory for screw and glue connections.  The screws, other hardware and glue are supplied in the kit. The bottom tread has been fully assembled at the factory.  For our standard diameter spiral stairs the top landing surface is shipped in one piece and pre-drilled for stiffeners that will be applied when the landing is installed.  The treads, center column blocks and landing are then stacked on a large diameter threaded rod system that will later pull the entire assembly  into one solid unit.


As shown the completed spiral stair is fastened at the bottom tread to the lower floor surface, and at the landing to the upper floor framing.