Precision Pine spiral stair customer service and how our customers respond

Precision Pine spiral stair customer service can be summed up in five words:  “We are here for you.”

Our spiral stair customer service begins with careful spiral stairs planning.  No job is too simple.  Whether you are an architect or builder who is experienced in spiral stair layout, or someone who is not, we still want to work closely with you to plan your installation.  Our wood spiral staircase kits are customized for each sale.  We want to be sure you understand, and agree with, how your spiral stair will fit your home.  Click here for tips on spiral stair planning.

We are here for you even after your kit has left our factory.  You don’t have to buy trucking insurance to protect your investment.  With our spiral stair customer service there is a problem at delivery we step in to deal with the trucking company to minimize hassle for you.  If needed we send you replacements so you can get on with your installation.

We are here for you during installation.  We will make custom replacement parts for whatever reason they might be needed — even when others are at fault.

We are here for you even beyond delivery.  Sometimes you aren’t able to install your spiral stairs right away.  Many things can change a construction schedule and we know that.  We have provided the same customer service for spiral stair kits that finally are being installed over a year after delivery.  We have helped customers who have questions even more years after installation.


We use our spiral stair customer service to strive to make any contact with us a positive experience.  Here’s what our customers say.

“I am stunned and very impressed. Your company has won me over, and I will gladly pass the word to anyone who inquires about our stair…I only wish other companies did business like yours.” —K. and R. C., Overland Park, Kansas

“Your staff was the best, so helpful in design…on top of every step, scheduling and shipping… Quality product…I was very impressed. I personally feel your service was terrific.”—J.M., Palos Heights, Illinois

“You truly came through for us and we just wanted you to know it meant a lot!!! …I’m letting everyone know how wonderful you all are. Thanks so much again!” G.M., Lecanto, Florida

“I would recommend your company any time to anyone who is looking for a well-priced, well-constructed staircase. Thanks again for all your help.” J. and D. C., Narrowsbury, New York

“Fantastic service, before and after!”—BR., Knoxville, Tennessee

“(The stair has a) light and airy appearance, but very sturdy.”—R.C., The Woodlands, Texas

“You did a great job fabricating the stair case you sent me. Every piece was there, cut to the right length and packaged to avoid damages…I wanted to thank you for doing an excellent job. You live up to your name ‘PRECISION’ Pine.” —J.A., Morrison, Colorado

“(We like) the look and sturdiness.”—K. and R. S., Ellsinore, Missouri

“We love the oak stair we got from you…I can’t tell you how many compliments we have gotten from friends and family. It is always scary to buy something this expensive over the internet but you guys did a great job with the layout and the product looks great.” —J.F., Orient, Ohio

“Our contractor was very impressed with the spiral stairs. They are beautiful and we get a lot of compliments! We are very happy with the staircase and are very happy that we purchased it.” —J. and B. B., Eleuthera, Bahamas

“(The stair) looks fabulous—very sturdy.”—J.G., Rochester, New York

“The stairs are beautiful…we have been getting awesome comments.” —C.T., Falher, Alberta, Canada

“This is a pursuit of excellence operation. Simplicity of design and ease of assembly…Your service was very good, always a phone call for advice and clarification.” —T.R., Dunlap, Tennessee

“…Your stairs…are really beautiful. We would love to install these stairs for others in our area.” —P.W., Tivoli, New York

“We are very pleased with the way the staircase turned out and everyone comments on it.” —B.M., New Orleans, Louisiana

“Stairs are solid.”—R.R., Denver, North Carolina

“Thank you so much for your help throughout our assembly! You always had the exact answers to remedy the situation and never got tired of my questions.”
—C.S., Bastrop, Texas

“As a professional designer and builder, I was very impressed with the quality of materials, completeness of instruction materials, and most of all the outstanding level of customer service provided by Precision Pine.”—T.P. Grand Rapids, Michigan

“(The stair) went together flawlessly.”—S.P., Polaris, Montana

“I thought the service was great.”—C.P., Groton, Connecticut

“I have to say that my stairs went together better than I anticipated…Everything fit perfectly and was machined with great precision. I think they look great.” —G.C., Knoxville, Tennessee

“Your staff was the greatest!”—W.R., Zephyr Hills, Florida

“Many thanks for your good work and the quality of your product.”—D.P., Napa, California

“Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our staircase. We love the stairs as does everyone who sees them.” —P.S., Buncombe, Illinois

“The finished product is stunning. Thank you! We love it!”—J. and Y. V., Jefferson City, Tennessee

“Good compromise between sturdiness and gracefulness. (I broke a part during installation) Replacement sent immediately.”—C.P., Yorktown, Virginia

“Stairs look lovely, unique and attractive—sturdy. You were great to work with.”—T.H., Tully New York

“Service was great!”—L.P., Wabash, Indiana

“(The stair was made of) clear yellow pine…top grade, high quality material. It dramatically upgraded the main living area of our ‘country’ house. I can’t think of anything (when asked how Precision Pine could improve its services).”—R.S., Columbia, South Carolina

“…Well pleased with the workmanship and quality of the wood. Your service was great.”—R. H.-F., Daytona Beach, Florida

“Service was OUTSTANDING!!”—O. G., North Pole, Alaska

“Your staff was great! Everything fit just as described.”—M.L., Springville, Alabama

“A piece of art! All wood and sturdy. (Your service) was wonderful…great working with all of you. Everyone awed!”—B. and J. S., Sernandina Beach, Florida

“My son commented that (the stair) looks like a work of art, and it does. Your service…was excellent.”—P. and S. S., Mahomet, Illinois

“(The product was) well-made and looks great. You provide excellent service.”—J. and S. K., Dufur, Oregon

“Thank you for all that you have done. You guys are a class act.” C. and M. C., Sevierville, Tennessee

“Your support was outstanding; I’ve already recommended you to (others)…” —C.A, Chesapeake, Virginia

“Your service is great.”—P.K., Whitehall, Michigan

“(The stair) is both beautiful and functional and being in a…location that is central to the house its beauty stands out! A-plus on the cost, quality and customer care”—I.B., Big Fork, Montana

“This is a very satisfied customer wanting to let you know how much I appreciate the time that you gave me on the phone prior to my purchase as well as the quality of the stairs. They have added the true mountain feel to our home and are extremely sturdy, not to mention how beautiful they are.” —C.H., Lookout Mountain, Georgia

“We love them (our spiral stairs)! Thank you so much for building a great product!” —T.G. and R.Y., Coalport, Pennsylvania

“I get compliments on (the spiral stairs) all the time and recommend your company.” —D.K., Greer, Arizona

“Great product! Working with your staff was the best…took such good care of us in the design and order phase…gets my highest praise!!! Thanks for a great product.”—H.G., New Orleans, Louisiana

“We are enjoying the stairway very much and want to thank you again for all the help you gave us at that time. We think it turned out just wonderful!”
—B. and D. B, Elk Mound, Wisconsin

“Your staff is great!”—R.P., Marshall, North Carolina

“We are very proud of our spiral staircase. If fits in very well…” —B. and A. T., Clinton, South Carolina

“Incredible…we are so impressed…so beautiful…”—M.B., Parker, Texas

“Phone help during design and installation was great.”—B.J., Bremerton, Washington

“Just wanted to say Thanks. We couldn’t be happier with the stairs. If you ever need a referral don’t hesitate to call on us.”—J.N., Old Gorge, New York

“Excellent service…a pleasure to work with and very helpful.”—J.H., Indianapolis, Indiana

“We finally installed our exterior spiral stairs from the kit and instructions provided by Precision Pine. We are very pleased with the results. The spiral stairs add an additional attractive architectural feature to our home. Everyone comments on the unique beauty of the spiral stairs.”
—L.C., Hendersonville, North Carolina

“Very attentive customer service throughout.” D.T., Schalimar, Florida

“The stairs fit perfect and everyone loves going up and down them!”—R.I., San Jose, California

“The product looks professional. I received great reports from all who have seen these stairs.”—S.G., Littleton, New Hampshire

“…Amazed at the quality and the way the unit went together. It’s beautiful and a focal point in my home.”–M.M., Campbellsville, Kentucky

“I give you an “excellent” in all categories!” — L.R., Watford City, North Dakota