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Precision Pine's custom straight stair (and landing) kits and matching stairwell and balcony handrails make free standing, all-wood, decorative, open riser stair systems. Kits are produced in Southern Yellow Pine, Red Oak or other hardwoods. Each kit is custom designed to fit the customer's floor plan.

You can also order treads and risers to finish framed stairs.

Featuring simple design and clean lines, these stairs complement contemporary decors, act as a unique refinement to rustic interiors, or can be used to advantage wherever the warmth and character of smooth, natural wood is desired.

Stairs feature self-supporting wood stringers and landings. Treads are mortised into the stringers.  The stairs can be installed in a single straight flight, or in shorter sections to turn at landings. You can order multiple stair kits fitted one above the other to access two or more stories. The stairs can connect with other types of stairs, including spiral stairs, or overhead "catwalks" to connect two balconies across a cathedral area.

Matching handrails can be supplied for open sides of the stairs and for horizontal guardrails to close off stairwell openings, balcony edges, or any other portions of the upper floor that are open to areas of the floor below. 

The kits are designed to meet your local building codes. If there are no codes enforced in your area Precision Pine strongly recommends for safety that the stairs meet the requirements of one of the national codes.

Kit specifications

Precision Pine manufactures stringers and handrail posts from solid wood laminations. This is to ensure straightness, consistency, strength and stability. All parts are sanded to an 80-grit smoothness and where possible pre-drilled for fasteners. Wood buttons and plugs cover the fasteners. A set of custom instructions is included with each kit and factory technical support is readily available. 

Stringers are shipped slightly longer than required, with ends marked for plumb and level cuts. Final cutting is done on site to assure a proper fit to the surrounding structure of the building.. 

Treads are pre-cut to the correct lengths. Landings are pre-assembled in the shop and taken apart for economical shipping. Handrail posts and handrails are shipped a few inches longer than required so they can be cut to fit on site. Balusters are pre-cut to standard lengths and pre-drilled. Standard stairs are 36" wide. Custom stairs can be wider.

Straight stair pricing

The following is a general guide to kit prices. Prices do not include packaging and shipping. For pick-ups at the factory and shipments inside Tennessee, 9-1/4% Knox County sales tax must be added. Handrail systems are priced per linear foot
Straight stair installations are designed to fit your custom floor layout and will require a quote from Precision Pine for an exact price. However you can use this page to get an approximate price for your kit.
Straight stair kits are priced in two or three parts:

  1. The price of stingers and treads;
  2. The price of handrail system(s)required up the stairway;
  3. The price of other options you may order (i.e. solid Risers, narrower or wider treads, additional treads).
Pricing begins for a 36” wide, thirteen-tread stair that typically can reach up to a nine foot floor-to-floor height.

Kits up to 13 treads, with NO handrail system: PINE




Kits up to 13 treads, with a handrail system on ONE side: $1,514 $2,223
Kits up to 13 treads, with a handrail system on BOTH sides: $1,990 $3,049
Price per additional tread for kits that require more than 13 $104 $153
Horizontal handrail system (closes off stairwells, along balcony edges) including all posts, rails, balusters and hardware: $34 $59
3' x 3' landing (90 degree turn) without additional handrails: $570 $770
3' x 6' landing (180 degree turn) without additional handrails $720 $970

Kits up to 13 treads, with a handrail system on ONE side: $1,514 pine; $2,223 oak


Kits up to 13 treads, with a handrail system on BOTH sides: $1,990 pine; $3,049 oak





Three foot square landing kit without additional handrails (landing sides not against walls will require horizontal rails): $570 pine; $770 oak
3' x 3' landing


Three foot by 6 foot landing
kit without additional handrails (landing sides not against walls will require horizontal rails): $720 pine; $970 oak
3' x 6' landing

Price per additional tread for kits that require more than 13 treads (this price includes everything needed to extend the staircase): $104 pine; $153 oak

Horizontal Top Rails: Horizontal rails are priced by the lineal foot (LF) as measured along the floor edge:

Standard or Slimline Style $34 per LF pine; $59 per LF oak

Slimline with Decorative Iron Balusters $77 per LF pine; $90 per LF oak

Custom features: Straight stairs can be ordered with wider treads than for a code 36" wide stair. Stringers can also be mortised for vertical risers between the treads. For prices and details of these and other custom designs please call Precision Pine.

#1. A custom designed handrail system for conventionally framed stairs in a traditional home:

#2. Fourteen-tread straight stair in pine, handrail on one side, with 10 feet of horizontal rail along basement stairwell below.

#3. An open riser free standing straight stair.
12- tread stair with rails on both sides and 6 ft of horizontal rail.

#4. Straight stairs with 3' x 3' landing and catwalk with horizontal handrails saves space in a small log cabin-all built from a custom kit.
Stair and landing kit:

#5. Pine treads and risers dress conventionally framed stairs:



The installer should be familiar with general carpentry techniques. The time required to build the stairs will vary. An experienced person with a helper should be able to assemble and install a 13-tread straight section of stair in six hours. It should take two hours more to install a handrail on one side. Stairs with landings will take a few more hours.


Handrails along stairs and horizontal handrail systems may be ordered two ways:

1. with the top rail only and longer balusters that reach from the top rail to below the upper edge of the stringers or floor system 

2. with shorter balusters ending at a lower rail just above the floor level or stringer.

Handrail systems may be intermixed. Often stairs are ordered without the lower rail for the stair, and with the lower rail for the horizontal rails along the top floor because this is required by some codes.

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